How does Arro HQ work?

Why does Arro HQ exist? And how do the owners and creators of this new concept for Geelong see it working?

Why we created Arro HQ.

There is an increasing movement of professionals from Melbourne to new lifestyle towns that fall within a 1.5 hour drive of the CBD. These new communities are fostering a growing number of experienced business people and new entrepreneurs who are looking for a work-life balance enabled by the digital economy.

After making the lifestyle move to Torquay in 2015 from Melbourne inner city living we hadn’t fully appreciated the grind of the daily commute for Simon to his Melbourne office. As a family we wanted to see Simon more often so we could spend more quality time together. Also being new to the area we wanted to create new networks within the greater community.

Arro HQ was our solution to the commuting issue and also a great way to connect and create new networks in the region. Our vision is for Arro HQ to be a space for likeminded people, creatives, start-ups, commuters, freelancers, consultants and other small businesses to join, collaborate, share and workshop ideas and help each other grow. 

Arro HQ is communal office space for rent, designed to make the most of the original warehouse features and natural light with the hope to invoke creativity and inspire its members.

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